Dag van de Wijers

25 September, 2016

On Sunday 25 September, during de 'Dag van de Wijers' you could discover all the wonders of the area. The Dag van De Wijers was therefore also a great success. Also the exhibition and info stand of Green4Grey were well attended.

Around 80 local residents came especially to the Tuiltermolen (Herkenrode) to view the exhibition of the students of the G4G Summer school.

At the site of De Slagmolen (De Maten) in Genk, the combination of children’s animation, local products market, walks and environmental education and the exclusive opening van the café De Slagmolen was an enormous success. At least 2500 people participated in the events. Also our G4G-info stand on the Stiemerbeekvallei was well attended. Passers-by could view the plans for the new design of de Slagmolen.