Second phase redevelopment Schansbroek started

21 March, 2017

The past few years, the region of Schansbroek was abandoned. However, residents see a lot of chances for meeting, relaxation, gardening, nature experience and sports infrastructure. 
During different workshops, a plan was designed. They choose vegetable gardens, playing elements for kids and services for habitants of the Steymer center like walking paths, bowling, etc. 
Also the football club gets a drained field. The formal mine sites and the historical "De Schans" are recovered. The defensive structure of De Schans will be more visible in the landscape. 

The price of this phase of the redevelopment is 991.000 euro. Europe finances 141.000 euro via the Life+ project Green4Grey. Flanders pays the largest part, namely 520.000 euro. The other costs are paid by the city of Genk, 330.000 euro.