Realisation of blue/green infrastructure in the project areas - land development

A planned and phased approach

In order to realise a green-blue infrastructure on the terrain, the project zones must pass through a number of planning phases. First we make a detailed analysis of the zone. We investigate the possibilities for achieving a green-blue infrastructure and the feasibility of these possibilities. On the basis of this, we draw up the first development vision. We then convert this vision into a land development plan. We work according to a plan and elaborate our design, preferably together with all the people in the zone who are involved. We present our plans and adapt them in consultation with the people concerned. After that, the development plan is transformed into a technical file that we can have implemented on the terrain.

Fases landinrichting



Land development

Do you want to know more about land development and instruments for land development? Read the new leaflet of the Flemish Land Agency on Land development here.

Land development