Slagmolen: update

28 November, 2016
de molen

The ideas on how to make the area around the Slagmolen green and attractive were converted into a proposal for a land development plan. In the coming years we are planning to introduce measures to ensure that sufficient clean water is transported to the ponds of the unique and vulnerable nature reserve of de Maten. The intention here is to making the area around the historic Slagmolen an attractive recreation area for De Maten and De Wijers. To this end, among other things, there are plans to convert the parking into a meeting area and to improve the cycle and foot paths. 

Also concerning the project, at the end of 2017 the local residents will be invited to express their opinions. The public enquiry for the land development plan will be organised in the spring. The comments and recommendations that have been received will be processed so that the plan can be presented to the Minister for approval. The design commission for the proposed ecohydrological measures is now being drawn up. The work will begin at the earliest in 2018.