Consciencepad: work in progress

03 February, 2017
Foto vernieuwd wandelpad

The redevelopment activities at the "Consciencepad" are in progress. The oldest known footpath of Flanders is renewed and comes wider away from the Kapittelbeek. This is important in order to give the stream more space to swing in a natural way. The new footpath is partially in concrete and in porphyry gravel. The very wet zones, nearby the Kapittelbeek, are accessible by plank footpaths. These are elevated wooden paths under which water can flow. There is also a bufferzone construction on the Kapittelbeek. When the water level is high, a weir and dike will bring the water to the nearby pond and meadow. 

The Consciencepad is temporarily not accessible for bikers and hikers during the redevelopment phase. The project has financial support from the Life+ project Green4Grey.