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Flemish Belt around Brussels

The Flemish Belt includes the 19 municipalities surrounding the city of Brussels. In this area, the Flemish Land Agency implements the reinforcement and development of open space under the pressure of urbanisation. This open space dissapears and fragmentises, becomes inaccessible and loses its quality, although millions of people live and work here. Sufficient qualitative open space is needed to assure the quality of life now and for future generations. Together with partners, we therefore build a brighter neigbourhood in the Flemish Belt.  

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De Wijers

'De Wijers' is a unique 700 hectares area with more than 1000 ponds surrounding the cities of Hasselt and Genk. Plenty of rare animal and plant species can be found here. In addition, 'De Wijers' has a rich cultural history, a beautiful and diversified landscape and a strong social dynamic with touristic top attractions. In 2010, the Flemish Land Agency and 17 partners started a project 'De Wijers' to further develop these strengths for future generations.

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