Schansbroek: update

28 November, 2016

The plans for the neighbourhood park in adjacent to the Waterschei mine (Genk) were drawn up in 2015 following a very successful participation process with local residents and ad excellent collaboration with the city of Genk. The intention is that in this way we achieve a multifunctional natural neighbourhood park with green meeting places, walking paths, a cycle path connection and the redevelopment of the allotments that are already existing there. This spring also the employees of the Thorpark will be invited to express their opinion.

The activities within the development plan Schansbroek began in May 2016 and are progressing well! The cycle path is ready, only the lighting still needs to be installed. Also work on the rustic path is in full swing. In 2017 the second phase of the activities will follow.

During the Nacht van de Schans at the beginning of July, residents could once again view the designs and explore the area on foot with the project leader.

werfwandeling Nacht van de Schans