Work in progress along the Kapittelbeek

23 June, 2016

If you take a walk along the Kapittelbeek in Dworp you are soon aware of the work in progress.
The neighbourhood is obtaining ecological verges and the small squares are being renewed. Also a new playground is being created and a number of footpaths are being improved. The Kapittelbeek is obtaining the space to meander in a natural manner. In the autumn, the flood zone will be constructed in order to tackle the water problem in the Molenbeekvallei.

The heavy rainfall of recent weeks has delayed the work. The opening of the playground will depend on the weather conditions in the coming weeks.
After the builders holiday period, the contractor will start on the school environment of the Sint-Victor school in Kerkstraat in Dworp. This means the children can enter the school on the first day after the holidays via the new gateway. In the autumn the Rode Ridder will take the children to the various places via the nature path.

These activities within the land development project whereby the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij, the municipality of Beersel and Naturepunt collaborate in developing the public space.