Dauteweyers (Diepenbeek)

Improving the ecological infrastructure and hydrological conditions for the tree frog  

Dauteweyers is a natural zone with various connected ponds which are remainders of a 19th century iron mining area. The area has the potential to form an ideal land-water habitat for the rare tree frog (Hyla arborea). At present, however, habitat conditions, such as the water level control of the ponds, water quality and the water biotope are unfavorable. The Dauteweyer’s ecosystem is completely surrounded by residential housing but few local residents are aware of the unique beauty of the nature in their backyard.

This project aims to upgrade the ecological infrastructure of Dauteweyers for the tree frog. Equally, the aim is to improve the recreational and educational infrastructure, in cooperation with local residents.

Starting from an eco-hydrological analysis of the area, a land development plan for the area was made. Various measures will be taken to improve the tree frog habitat, both on land and in the water. Examples of such measures are re-profiling the riparian zones, cutting of unfavorable vegetation and digging additional pools for reproduction. Access for residents and visitors will also be improved by developing a tree frog safari path, and by constructing picnic areas and a wooden path crossing wet areas. Together with local inhabitants, we explore how to expand the tree fog habitat, for example by redesigning surrounding private gardens in a ‘tree frog –friendly’ manner.



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