Clean water for 'De Maten' in Genk

09 August, 2018

The first works within the land development project Slagmolen along the Stiemerbeek in Genk start this week.

The goal of the Flemish Land Agency is to improve the water quality of the ponds in the nature reserve De Maten, but also to optimalize the hiking tracks.


Today the Schabeek brings water to some ponds in De Maten but now and then, water from the polluted Stiemerbeek streams into The Schabeek. In that way fauna and flora of the pond system is threatened. By disconnecting the Schabeek from the Stiemerbeek, the ecological quality of the ponds in De Maten improves strongly. The Schabeek will then be a meandering stream throughout a wet marsh area. In that way, the natural water retention capacity can be increased to prevent flooding. Equally, together with local residents and partners, we will explore how to upgrade the area to an attractive, green and accessible meeting place with walking and cycling connections. Along the Schabeek you will be able to walk over a wooden path through the wet marsh area. This path will also connect the Slagmolen with the city of Genk.


 The price for the first phase of works is 504.486 euro. Green4Grey also finances a part of this amount.