Opening nature reserve Dauteweyers

29 September, 2019
boomkikker op braamstruik


On Sunday 29 September at 2.00 pm we open the redeveloped nature reserve Dauteweyers, a unique nature area situated at the beginning of The Wijers.
At of 2.30 p.m. we start walking in search of the green tree frog. Afterwards there is a reception. For the youngsters, we have animation activities.

Location: Heidestraat (between the ponds) in Diepenbeek


During the past year, the pools and ponds in the nature area of Dauteweyers have improved. The banks were chamfered and the trees felled so that there is more sunshine in the water.  In that way, the water is heated up faster. The work paid: the population of the green tree frog has effectively increased. More than 600 calling mailes were counted this spring.

With financial support of the Flemish Land Agency, the commune of Diepenbeek, Natuurpunt, the province of Limburg and the European Life+ project Green4Grey.
In future, a hiking network from The Wijers will pass through the area of Dauteweyers. In that way people from outside the region will visit Dauteweyers.