Questionnaire among employees of Thorpark

26 May, 2016

Via a participatory traject we wish to obtain in Schansbroek a multifunctional natural neighbourhood with green meeting places, footpaths, a cycle path link and the renovation of the allotments that are already existing. Questionnaires were filled in during the participatory traject.   To date mainly by the residents (among others of the allotments, local residents, services centre De Steymer) and users (casual walkers, users Centre) of the  area. But since we believe that the renovation could also have a positive impact on the users van de business site the Thorpark, we conducted a similar questionnaire among the users of the Thorpark. The digital questionnaire for 'residents of Thorpark' was sent this week via de Incubathor of Thorpark to the employees of the firms in this business park.