Horing: Kerremanspark and the business site of Zellik: update

28 November, 2016

On 30 March 2016 the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (VLM) applied for an urban development permit for constructing a parklint (park ribbon development) Horing Park in Asse. The ribbon is exactly one kilometre long and is composed of an asphalted path, two metres wide. This will serve as a comfortable parcours for joggers, roller skaters, young cyclists and learner cyclists. Where the parklint passes the Molenbeek, a duckboard path of ca. 160m long has been made due to the rise in the groundwater levels. At the lowest point a pond will be dug. At the location of the pond a quiet zone will be constructed where people can sit and enjoy the water. The activities fall within the land development plan for Molenbeek-Maalbeek, the Kerremanspark development.

At the beginning of last August the Flemish Minister of the Environment, Nature and Agriculture commissioned the VLM to continue to invest in the maintenance and renovation of the open green areas in Zellik:

  • Expand the Breughelpark with safer crossing places and space for dogs
  • Make Kortemansstraat safer for traffic in respect of cyclists
  • Construct a 'meeting’ garden house as a gathering point for local residents in an ecological allotment (in collaboration with the municipality of Asse, VELT, RL green corridor and Naturepunt).

Also the firms in the research park in Zellik will admit to the need for colour! In June the employees of the business park were also invited to an orchid and butterfly safari during their lunch break. This enabled the 25 participants to become acquainted with the beauty of the nature in their working environment. During a workshop at the business park on 10 and 27 October people were able to obtain more information on the possibilities of the management of innovative and ecological greenery. Nearly all of them made an appointment with the project manager and Vlaamse Landmaatschappij to have a tour of inspection of their business terrain in the near future.

This month we also published the ‘inspiration guide to ecological greenery on company premises'. In this brochure we present eleven firms that have made the conscious choice to invest in an attractive and green company premises.